Thursday, 15 September 2011

Futons delivered to London and throughout the UK mainland.

Well, here we are in mid-September which can only mean one thing.......the 'season' for buying online is only just around the corner.
With the best will in the world we all know that come November and December the amount of us shopping online will, once again, reach record levels as consumers take advantage of the competetive nature of internet retailing. Of course this can, and will, lead to the 'usual' issues with parcel companies making successful deliveries to your home. We must take our hats off to the guys and girls who drive vans for the City Link / TNT brigade of delivery people, even at this time of year the driver who calls at our shop has around 100 to 130 drops to make each day, just think that through.......
Needless to say when we approach Christmas these people will be even more stretched so what we're saying here is......if you're thinking of purchasing one of our futons over the coming months do yourself a favour and avoid the busy season by making the purchase during September / October or early November, leaving it until late November or December will cause extra stress for all of us, not least yourselves; our customers! Follow the link below to visit us..


  1. At we find most of the delivery people we deal with to be dedicated and hard working (at what is one of the most difficult jobs in the UK)When problems do occur it is often due to the continual cost cutting which is necessary to pay an ever increasing fuel bill, sadly there is a continual fall out of delivery companies, we recently lost 2 good small delivery companies, in light of the seasonal pressures soon to follow, we recommend early as possible Christmas ordering.

  2. Right! Don't buy during seasons to avoid delay in the arrival of the orders.

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