Thursday, 7 November 2013

eBay Futon buying guide...helpful or not?

Whilst checking out eBay's guide to buying a sofa bed or futon I couldn't help but draw a comparison to an old record I used to have 'PXR5' by Hawkwind!
Older readers may recall this particular album had a sleeve design which showed a incorrectly wired 3-pin plug which had to have a warning sticker placed over it for fear of someone following the wiring suggestion and, naturally, giving themselves a nasty shock in the process!! Anyway, after reading the eBay buying guide I think it's just possible that it too should have an appropriate warning sticker over the top of it; the wording is bad and the information contained within is, to say the least, sketchy and not really correct or informative. 
So the suggestion here is that if you're looking for a futon or sofa bed then ensure you take advice from specialist stores like ourselves who will be happy to guide you with your choice ensuring you purchase the correct product for your needs.

You can check out the eBay guide at or simply read the articles in our blog!

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