Monday, 6 October 2008

Global Price Rises in Raw Materials

Well, it looks like the 'good times' that we, the general public, have enjoyed are coming to an end! We've all had the benefit of inexpensive products being imported from abroad, particularly China and other parts of Asia, over the last few years, this is even relevant in the futon market.
But I'm sure you're all aware of the situation regarding the availability of raw materials now that increased demand is coming from China and India to create their new and improving infrastructures. This is causing continuous rises in the costs for the raw materials needed for constructing futon frames and even futon mattresses.
Although this will see prices rise in the market for futon products we are committed to maintaining the quality of our products; our philosophy continues to be that we will offer futons designed to offer a combination of comfort and value for many years to come. So be assured that the products you buy from The Futon Blog members will not have had 'thier cloth cut' to meet a price point!