Recently we endeavoured to create a product made entirely in Devon, and we’ve finally done it! Introducing our new Scandi, double futon, sofa bed - shop it here.

This classic ‘A’ frame model is timeless, reminiscent of early style futon frames. It has a simple redwood pine base, which is cut and planed in Cornwall, using north European sourced FSC timber. It's three supporting under rails mean the Scandi futon is strong and durable, suitable for everyday use, and built to last many years. The frame itself is assembled and packed by us, right here in our workshop in Plymouth. Each section is put together in an assembly jig to ensure that they are the same, before being joined with flush fit, easy fix fasteners, for a neat and tidy finish. This is our best ‘A’ frame yet! 

On top of the frame sits our own ‘tri-fold,’ lambswool and cotton-felt futon mattress. This mattress curves on the frame into the semi ’S’ shape often associated with this classic style. The ‘tri-fold mattress has a medium feel firmness and is around 12cm thick when new. You can even choose the colour of your mattress from our selection of standard cotton drill fabrics of the lovely weave texture, durable Oslo upgrade fabrics. 

The Scandi futon will fit seamlessly into many interior styles, however, if you’re starting with a blank canvas, then considering embracing a boho theme. Pair your Scandi with lots of natural colours and furnishing, such as wood textures, rattan and touchable tufted cushions. Decorate the walls with popular abstract line drawing prints or mirrors and round out the design with plants and life for the perfect Scandi room. 

1. Abstract Line Poster - Desenio   2. Scandi Futon - Futons247  3. Ceramic Circle Vase - Rose & Grey   4. Snake Plant - Patch Plants   5. Scandi Tufted Cushion - Sass & Belle   6. Tripod Lamp - Next   7. Natural Storage Baskets - Etsy

All in all, the Scandi is an excellent choice. It is well made and strong, perfect for regular use - sure to be a feature in your home for many years. 

Delivery - We offer UK mainland delivery, taking 10-14 days from ordering. We will even arrange a convenient weekday with you.

The Monk Futon Bed Roll has been around for decades. It is a staple piece, traditional and classic, perfect for an authentic, firm feel. 

Our Monk Futons are available in three sizes: single, double and king. Each bedroll is handmade in our studio in Plymouth, UK - from sewing the mattresses covers, to tufting them, each is made with love and care. The Monk Roll is manufactured using a top and bottom layer of pure lambswool, with two layers of cotton-felt in between. We then button them through using felt mattress tufts, giving a thickness of around 8 cm. We also offer an upgrade to include the addition of a mini pocket sprung cage, creating the Pocket Monk. This provides a softer, supportive feel through individually pocketed, 3 cm springs — ideal for more regular use, with around 10 cm total thickness.

The ever-popular Monk Futons have been around for decades, often copied, but never quite to the same as the original. They are very practical, designed to be easily rolled up and secured with the provided velcro straps. This makes it easy to carry around or store.

Where To Use A Monk Futon - 

A Monk Futon Bed Roll is excellent as a stopover bedroll for campers, yurts or similar accommodations. Perfect for solo travellers, who want to throw a bedroll into their van for extra comfort. Consider using the Monk Futon for stay-cations, back garden campouts or as soft extra seating for your family movie night. 

In comparison, use your Monk Futon as a more permanent sleeping space by pairing it with our Folding Tatami Floor Mat. 

Overall, the Monk Futon is adaptable to any situation where you might require additional sleeping space or a quick sleeping solution. Pick from our various fabrics to guarantee your Monk futon is perfect for you. So get yourself comfy, have a seat to meditate or relax on, have a snooze and, once you’re done with it, simply roll it up until next time! 

The Dock Bed is a classic low-level bed, which perfectly encapsulates authentic oriental style. Whether black or natural finish, you can guarantee a sophisticated and clean-cut piece of furniture. 

As the world gets more hectic, minimalist homes have taken off, with people craving simplicity and calm. The Dock Bed is beautifully simple and very down to earth, making it a perfect choice for a more minimalist interior. The frame itself is of very high quality, made of European redwood pine timber. Pine is strong and durable and the wood we use is FSC certified - this means that it is sustainable and has traceable sourcing. 

Along with the frame, you can also opt to include traditional Tatami Mats to further capture that authentic style. Our mats are filled with compressed rice straw, with an Igusa (soft rush) woven covering. This provides a firm supportive base to place your mattress on. When it comes to your mattress, there is a choice of fillings. From medium feel mattresses combining wool-based fillings and a mini pocket sprung core, to more firm Cocoloc futon mattress, with a core of coconut hair and natural latex, you can be sure that there’s a mattress for you! 

Contemporary Dock Bed

Create a contemporary style room with our black satin-finished dock bed. We even offer matching low-level side tables which as just as modernDark furniture looks particularly smart with contrasting white or grey walls, as well as curtains and pillows. The contemporary style can be encapsulated with simple black and white or line drawing prints, which you can frame in black satin to match your bed. This will create a modern, elegant interior that oozes effortlessness. 

1. Decorator’s White - Benjamin Moore   2. Metropolitan - Benjamin Moore  3. Kendall Charcoal - Benjamin Moore   4. Cannonball Cluster Light - Lillian Daph Store/Trouva   5. Unari Velvet Cushion - Also Home/Trouva   6. Waffle Duvet - Next   7. Concrete Line Art Poster - Desenio   8. Dock Bed - Futons247  

Natural Dock Bed

If a contemporary style isn’t for you, then the natural smooth finish might be your choice. This colour Dock Bed would look particularly smart with muted neutral tones, such as beiges and off-whites. Combine this with natural elements such as woven accessories, tufted or textured soft furnishings and plants. The soft colours, combined with bold design elements, will create a room that is on-trend, whilst remaining simple and naturally cool. 

1. Pom Pom Cushion - Next   2. Sunburst Mirror - Chickidee Homewares/Trouva   3. Dock Bed - Futons247   4. Rich Cream - Benjamin Moore   5. Creamy White - Benjamin Moore  6. Berkshire Beige - Benjamin Moore   7. The Fern - Bloom & Wild   8. Farrah Woven Chair - Oliver Bonas  

If the Dock Bed is for you, then we have it available in stock, with quick delivery throughout mainland UK and London. It is delivered as a self-assembly product, to minimise transportation volume, and we advise around an hour to build. Prices start at £355 for the basic frame and vary up to £1200 for the frame, mats and a natural latex futon. 

If you require more technical specifications, then read further about the Dock Bed on Futons247. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require assistance.  

The images in this posting were kindly sent to us by a lovely customer of ours who kindly purchased a couple of Monk Futon Bed Rolls and Folding Tatami Mats.

This combination makes a great choice either to use as a flexible set up for guests or to make a firm sleeping area for an authentic Oriental style sleeping surface. We are finding an increasing quantity of customers looking for a firm sleep and the Monk Futon makes a great option, you can choose from a selection of sizes and filling types, for full details visit our website as follows:

Futon Mattress Combinations at Futons 247

If you like the look of the ceramics on display in these images then check out our customers Instagram pages:

Ceramics on display in image - Instagram