Are you looking to replace your spare futon mattress? Then one of our Original Futon Mattresses is just what you need. These Devon made futons prioritise high-quality materials and durability, creating a long-lasting and comfortable product. 

The Original Futon Mattress is available in two sizes, a standard double (137 x 190cm) and a single (90 x 190cm), each covered in a tough drill fabric of your choice of colour. The Original Double Futon Mattress is also available in additional upgraded fabrics including our hardwearing Oslo fabrics and limited edition Tribal fabrics. 

Devon Made Mattresses: 

As previously touched upon, every one of our Original Futon Mattress is handmade in Devon. Both the fabric and the fillings are UK sourced, maintaining that high quality we aim for with these products. The mattress is filled with 3 layers of cotton felt, sandwiched between a top and bottom layer of fine pure lambswool. This is covered with a 100% cotton drill fabric, which is cut and sewed in Devon. Finally, the mattress is buttoned through with matching fabric buttons, done by hand in our workshop. Our priority with these mattresses is comfort and craftsmanship - we make each one to order, guaranteeing a quality product that will last for years in your home. 

Styling your Original Futon Mattress: 

These mattresses are made to fold in an s-shaped tri-fold design, suitable for any traditional pine A-frame. However, they will also work well with similar tri-fold frames, including hardwood ones or metal. If you want a bigger emphasis on sleeping, then place your mattress directly onto the floor or a natural tatami mat for a traditional Japanese style sleeping arrangement. 

Learn more about our Original Futon Mattresses here, or browse our full range of mattresses, bedrolls and CottonSafe options. If you have any questions regarding our products, please don't hesitate to get in touch - just drop us a mail at

Please Note: Frames pictured in the images are NOT included with the Original Futon Mattress

Karup Design has recently released two brand new colour choices for their sofa beds - Wheat Beige and Clay Brown. Both earthy tones, one with a lovely cool undertone and the other rich and warm, these colours look sharp and sophisticated on any of the products. However, if you need further inspiration on how to style these colours into your home, then read on: 

Wheat Beige - 

This soft, neutral beige is beautifully simple. It has an earthy undertone, that looks great next to wood or natural textures such as wicker or rattan. This cooler shade also works well with other pale neutrals, such as off-white colours, as well as darker tones like slate. Pair it with bushy plants and smooth, rounded lines, to create a soft and comfortable feeling in your home. 

Clay Brown - 

The darker of the 2 tones, Clay Brown is deeper, with warm, rich undertones. It adds comfort to any room, making you feel cosy and grounded. This shade works particularly well with dark wood or leather, as well as metallic accents. Pair it with one neutral tone, adorned with darker accent colours like grey, black or dark green. Finally, add in tactile furnishings to help accentuate the comforting feeling that this colour brings. 

Denmark based furniture company Karup Design are renowned for their simple yet beautiful furniture. We love the practicality and ease of use that comes with all Karup products and have recently added 3 of their new products to our range. We are really excited about them, and hope you are too!  

Unwind Sofa Bed - 

Karup's Unwind Sofa Bed is sleek and timeless, marketed by Karup for movie nights and last-minute sleep solutions. This is due to its combination of style and ease of use. As the name says, it's the perfect sofa to 'unwind' with. 

Made with FSC certified (sustainably sourced) Scandinavian redwood pine, the Unwind focuses on durability and strength, achieving this through its neatly slatted base. The wood is then finished with a clear lacquer, giving it a natural look. The frame is combined with our standard 3 seat futon mattress, which has layers of wool-felt around a foam core for added comfort. The mattress is then available in a selection of fabrics, including Karup's corduroy range, and their 2 NEW colours - Wheat Beige and Clay Brown. 

The Unwind can comfortably seat 3 adults and easily converts into a 130 x 190 cm double bed. It does this with a simple sliding feature, which you can view in the video below.  

To shop the Unwind Sofa Bed, click here


Kanso Bed - 

The Kanso Bed is Karup's elegant alternative to a storage bed. This contemporary, low-level bed is available with or without drawers, adding optional under bed storage. If you're short on space, this neat bed could be perfect for you. The Kanso is available in two widths with a choice of futon mattresses. 

The frame of the Kanso is built with FSC certified Scandinavian redwood pine (from managed forests) and features a slatted base for even, firm support. It's then left with a smooth, untreated finish. The optional drawers are made of the same sturdy material as the rest of the bed and slide neatly under the frame when closed. 

The Kanso Futon Bed can be purchased as a frame only (either as a 140x200cm European double or a 160x200cm super king) or combined with one of our futon mattresses. Each mattress has a choice of colours and fillings, which you can learn more about on our Futon Mattresses page. 

To learn more about our Kanso Bed, click here.


Vocal Shelf - 

Branching out from our range of sofa beds, futon mattresses and futon beds, we now have a contemporary and fun shelving unit - The Vocal Shelf. 

This beautiful storage piece features 5 shelves fitted in a ladder-like style, providing ample display space to keep your rooms looking neat and tidy. It is constructed using FSC certified pine wood (from managed forests) and finished with a clear lacquer. The Vocal is available in one standard size and is 162cm tall, 45cm wide and 35cm deep. 

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All of these amazing products are available to order now, with new stock coming soon. Each one has free UK delivery. Please don't hesitate to call us on 01752 662030 or email if you have any questions regarding these products. 

Shopping local is on the rise, with everyone keen to know exactly where, and by who, their products are made. We're big advocates of locally sourced products, with many of our items coming from here in the UK. However, we also have an increasing number of products made right here in our studio in Devon. 

Bed Rolls - 

Our popular, often copied but never beaten, bedrolls are all made by hand by our team. Our Monk Futon, Monk-in-a-bag and Napper Futon are all built from two layers of UK sourced pure lambswool and two layers of cotton felt. They are then covered in fabric that is also cut and sewn here within our building. Options are also available to add a layer of mini pocket springs for a gentler feel. The mattress is then tufted through with felt mattress tufts just for you! To view how our bedrolls are constructed, watch the video below. 

All three of our bedrolls come in various colour options and each is a different size, allowing you to find the perfect mattress for you. Their roll-up style makes them easy to store, perfect for temporary sleeping arrangements. The smaller Napper Futon or Monk-in-a-Bag are also great 'grab and go' mattresses, convenient for campervans or glamping. 

To view our full range of bedrolls, click here


Scandi Sofa Bed - 

Our Scandi Sofa Bed is the newest addition to our 'Made in Devon' selection. This classic A-frame model features a redwood pine base (from managed forests), which is cut and planed in Cornwall before arriving for assembly at our workshop here in Plymouth. We then put together the frame in an assembly jog, ensuring that each piece is joined correctly using flush fit, easy fix fasteners to keep it looking neat and tidy. For the Scandi, we opted for quality and durability, therefore this model features three supporting under-rails for maximum strength as a bed or sofa. The frame is accompanied by one of our 'Tri-Fold' futons, which is made in the same manner as our bedrolls, but with an added extra cotton felt layer to  maximise comfort for your guests. To view how the Scandi is made, please watch the video above. 

All in all, the Scandi is a great choice if you are looking for a locally made, strong futon for regular use, that will keep its place in your home for many years. If the Scandi is for you, then see below for some fun styling options, or go bold with one of our Scandi Limited Editions.

To learn more about our Scandi Sofa Bed, click here

Futon Mattresses - 

Whilst not all made in our workshop, every one of our futon mattresses are also handmade down here in Devon. Our traditional mattresses features 8 layers of comfort, with pure lambswool on the top and bottom and layers of bonded woolfelt in the middle. This produces a firm, but supportive, futon mattress. As well as this classic style, we offer pocket sprung mattresses for extra comfort or Cottonsafe mattresses for a chemical-free alternative. Each mattress is tailor made for you, to your chosen size and upholstered in your chosen fabric. Our selection of Devon made mattresses also includes replacement futons for sofas and sofa beds, such as out Bi-Fold or Tri-Fold Mattresses or Standard Double Futon Mattress. 

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