Monday, 19 October 2009

Futons and Yurt Holidays

Over the last couple of years, here at The Futon Shop, we have supplied futon sofabeds to a couple of 'Yurt' campsites. What, you may be asking, are Yurts? Well I pinched this explanation from the website of one of the lovely people we supplied:

Yurts originate from Mongolia and are traditionally lived in by nomadic tribes. They are strong, aesthetically beautiful constructions that feel both spacious and harmonious to be in. The structure consists of a hand-crafted frame which is steam bent to create the curved form of the roof, and shaped into a trellis for the walls. The frame is covered with a strong canvas and there is a clear circular portal in the middle of the roof, two windows, a wooden floor and door.

We have stayed in the Yurts at down on the Lizard peninsula and must say that they make a great relaxing way to spend a break with the family. We also supplied futons to which looks like a beautiful place in Wales, which we've yet to visit. Of course if you visit either of the Yurt people you'll be sleeping on Eco and Auckland futons from Go on, give Yurting a'll love it.

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