Saturday, 1 January 2011

Here comes 2011 at The Futon Shop

OK, thats the 'thank you's' over for 2010, now we have to look to 2011 and the challanging retail environment unfolding before us.
I'm sure everyone is aware of the increase in VAT to 20% to assist the recovery of the economy (hopefully). We also face challenges from increasing raw material costs on items such as cotton, transport cost rises, and transport availability, and the scarcity of commodities as the domestic markets in China and India continue to grow. Having said all this we are determined to address these challenges and continue to keep our focus on offering good quality futon products backed up by a caring customer service. This will, of course, mean prices have to rise to reflect increased production and distribution costs, but maybe now is the time to re-focus the way we make our purchases and look at buying quality items for the long term and not so much 'cheap and cheerful' short term fashion fixes?

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  1. Here at we are facing the same problems but are also determined not to cut the quality of our products. It is better to pay a bit more for a futon and have a durable, comfortable futon mattress or futon sofabed rather than saving a few pounds on a useless product.(tip for the public, most of the futons being sold on the internet by non-specialists are useless)