Friday, 25 February 2011

Still nothing to do with futons...but....

Here's a great picture of the Phoenix City under 14 Girls football team whose new kit has been supported by us here at The Futon Shop. My daughter plays in goal, thats her in the orange kit, along with all the others who make up a great bunch of players who enjoy getting together to 'gossip' with each other almost more than the football!! I'm standing on the left holding the new shirt as I assist (or hinder) at training and matchdays. This season we're hanging around in mid-table so going OK at the mo.....

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Nothing to do with futons really but.....

I know its nothing to do with at the Futon Shop we took a trip to see the excellent My Chemical Romance in concert at Cardiff International Areana last night. If you're a fan and like the new Danger Days material then get along as it was top stuff, a true quality performance. Two of our three kids had never been to a live gig before but loved it. Watch out for the support act, The Blackout, certainly a lively bunch of entertaining lads from Wales, but you might want to censor their tunes!!!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Oriental and Shoji Screens

I'm sure many of you read our recent post about Oriental and Shoji Screens, however you may be wondering where to buy these stylish items, so here we go, try the following sites:
or browse on for The Futon Shop Oriental Screens.