Monday, 7 January 2013

Are Google search results driving you crazy.

Are Google driving you crazy? Why does their search system seem to favour the big companies like eBay, Amazon and Argos? More annoyingly the system seems to detect your IP address and then feed you results with a local bias....great in principle but useless in practice as my BT Business Broadband suggests that I'm in Bath so the results reflect that, very frustrating. I think we should all go back to using Yahoo, like years ago, as their results now look like Google's did a year ago, much better!

Try searching for 'Futon' on both Google and Yahoo and see for yourself, see where our results appear for the following

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  1. "Big Daddy" Google is here to try sanity and patience and make sure you don't forget that however twisted the logic of their algorithm there's no way forward without their all pervasive presence.