Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Organic and Natural Futon Mattress?

I know I'm always 'banging on' about the subject of organic and natural futon mattresses but this subject is getting more important as time goes by.
The first big question is what is the difference between organic and natural? Well as I understand it a futon mattress with natural fillings and fabrics would mean that the futon is manufactured using materials that are free from artificial interference, i.e. free from man-made fibers and any chemical additives, this is truly what we should be sleeping on.
For a product to be truly organic the fillings and fibers should have a link from the origins and sources of the animals, plants or ground they were grown on or in! Now this is a tall order and I do wonder if any of the people posting that they have 'organic' futons should, in fact, be using the term 'Natural' instead?
Anyway, I think we should all pay more attention to what kind of mattress we are sleeping on and I'm please to say that here at Futons247 we can offer a couple of Natural Futon Mattresses of varying degrees of firmness and filling choice. Check us out.

Natural Futon Mattresses


  1. This is a useful bit of info about what is really organic, too many suppliers of different products aren't being honest or clear about their so called organic products and like many commercial areas a sometimes gullible public are being misled.

  2. I decide to buy a organic and natural futon mattress because I like it. If you dont mind, How much the cost of this mattress? Keep on sharing! By the way do you want more Sleepys Shipping? Find more here.