Thursday, 29 August 2019

Futon bed roll and tatami for an authentic Oriental sleep

The images in this posting were kindly sent to us by a lovely customer of ours who kindly purchased a couple of Monk Futon Bed Rolls and Folding Tatami Mats.

This combination makes a great choice either to use as a flexible set up for guests or to make a firm sleeping area for an authentic Oriental style sleeping surface. We are finding an increasing quantity of customers looking for a firm sleep and the Monk Futon makes a great option, you can choose from a selection of sizes and filling types, for full details visit our website as follows:

Futon Mattress Combinations at Futons 247

If you like the look of the ceramics on display in these images then check out our customers Instagram pages:

Ceramics on display in image - Instagram

Monday, 15 July 2019

Recast Sofa Beds at The Yan Hotel in Grasmere

Recently we were lucky enough to supply several sofa beds to a beautifully refurbished hotel in a stunning setting in Grasmere, Cumbria.

The hotel is a family run boutique style called The Yan and is based at Broadrayne Farm on the edge of Grasmere, if you are looking to combine a holiday of outdoor activities with comfort and a friendly environment then a visit to the Yan is a must.

We travel around extensively completing deliveries and installations of sofa beds and can honestly say that the attention to detail at the Yan is exceptional yet the environment is relaxed and informal.

We supplied Recast Plus sofa beds from the range from Danish manufacturers Innovation Living, these are a well constructed, easy to use, everyday sofa bed, perfect for the style and anticipated use at The Yan.

Follow the link below to find out more about this lovely hotel....

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Sofa Beds for your Air BnB guests

Comfortable Guests = Great reviews!

Over the last few years myself and my partner Kate have embraced the benefits and convenience of Air BnB as we have explored the UK from Snowdonia to London and visited the Austrian Alps and Lisbon in Portugal.

Overall we have been very impressed with the standard of accommodation and would recommend using Air BnB to everyone. I always think that one of the most important aspects of an apartment or room that you are staying in is the quality and comfort of the furnishings, after all you do want your guests leaving a nice positive review!

We are, of course, lucky enough to work with some of the best sofa beds around, the range from Innovation Living of Denmark. Their products are, in our opinion, perfectly suited to regular use for sitting and sleeping and certainly a great choice for your Air BnB.

The points we love with Innovation are their robust construction, very simple conversion from a sofa to a bed and back again, contemporary style and sprung comfort. In addition most of the sofa beds arrive in a modular format meaning it is usually straightforward to get them into rooms with tight access such as loft rooms, mezzanine floors, up spiral stairs and even onto canal boats....we've yet to be defeated!

Anyway, over the last couple of years we have supplied a number of Innovation products into Air BnB environments and would suggest following the link to our website to see more information on these products.....

Saturday, 30 March 2019

Tatami Mats from Futons 247

Why not take 5 mins to view our video clip on Tatami Mats, we offer a range of traditional hard compressed rice straw tatami and the new softer feel tatami using an inner core of cocoloc (coconut hair bound with natural latex).

You can view our tatami product pages by following this link: Tatami Mats at Futons 247

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Futons for outdoor the British sunshine!

Well, its not often we can write anything about the sunshine in the UK but May and June have been glorious and I'm sure many people, like us, have been heading outdoors to eat, chat and spend time with friends and family.

We've taken this opportunity to set up a cosy seating area originally for a 21st Birthday party but it has since 'stayed put' in the garden for us all to enjoy.

I wouldn't normally recommend using futon mattresses outside as they tend to be quite absorbent with damp and moisture but with the present sunshine and providing you are not too precious over them getting marked they do make amazingly comfortable outdoor loungers / seating....have a nose at these pics...

Futon Mattresses at Futons247 in London and the UK

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Futon Sofa beds for Air BnB?

One of the things we really enjoy about futon retailing is meeting our customers and viewing their lovely homes when delivering their new purchase.

This week we have delivered another futon sofa bed to an Air BnB property, if you've not tried a holiday home through Air BnB we would strongly recommend it, having rented them both here in the UK and also other parts of Europe and always found it a great experience.

This quaint and beautifully restored cottage is located in Calstock, a quieter part of Cornwall, in a lovely village setting a few steps from the riverside, pubs, a train station and some great walks, we would certainly recommend that you take a look, just follow the link for more details on this cottage on Air BnB:

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The new, firm sleep, Nomad Futon bed roll from Futons247

One of the questions we regularly get asked by our customers is "do you have a traditional futon bed roll that can be used everyday?"

Well, our popular Monk Futon has been used in this way by some customers over the last 10 years or so but now we've also developed our Nomad Futon Bed Roll, a traditional style roll up futon mattress with a firm feel. The Nomad is based around a central core of Cocoloc, this is a natural filling consisting of coconut fibres that are given structure and elasticity by way of a natural latex (from rubberwood trees) spray to bond them together, this provides a firm but flexible and well ventilated basis for the bed roll.

We then offer a choice of surrounding fillings, two different grades of pure wools combined with either traditional futon felt for a firm feel or a warm and softer feel of fine wool, blended with a small amount of polyester to bond the wool fibres together.

You can use the Nomad unrolled directly on to your floor and then simply roll it up during the day and secure with the two Velcro fasten straps that come with it.

The Nomad is available in a standard double bed size of 137 cm / 4ft6ins by 190 cm / 6ft3ins in a choice of three cotton drill fabrics, all traditionally tufted through
with felt mattress tufts.

You can find full details of the Nomad by visiting our website following the link below.