Monday, 23 February 2015

Futons and Sofa Beds for your Attic or Loft Room at Futons247

One of the most common requests we get is for 'flat-packed' futons and sofa beds for customers who are wishing to place extra seating or sleeping arrangements in an attic or loft room. I guess as use of space in houses is becoming increasingly important with many more people working from home, for example, using the space in the roof is a sensible and practical option.

Fortunately most of the futons and sofa beds we offer are delivered in a flat-pack form so are simple to fit into attic rooms even if you have a narrow or 'half-width' type staircase, spiral stairs or a narrow entrance, of course we would always recommend taking the various futon base components upstairs one at a time to make the lifting straightforward.

The two pictures here show two of our models located neatly into customers loft rooms. For full details on our futons and futon mattress choice visit our website by following the link below:

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Natural Futon Mattress - Free from Fire Retardant Chemicals - Futons247

Just an update to keep everyone posted on the progress of our excellent CottonSafe Natural Futon Mattress products. You may be aware by now that in our quest to give our customers choice we can now offer our customers an alternative to the, rather strange and outdated, UK fire regulations. 

If you're concerned about what you are breathing in as you sleep you may wish to steer clear of certain foams and, above all, the chemicals used to spray coat many things in our everyday life, specifically the mattress you are sleeping on! Under UK fire regulations all furnishing items need to pass strict UK fire regulation tests which means 'back coated' chemical treatments. Fortunately we now have available the CottonSafe fabric, a blend of Organic Cotton and Wool quilted onto a layer of pure lambswool which is naturally fire retardant without the need for any chemical additives.

So if you're looking for a healthy sleeping choice visit our website for full details at or feel free to call us to chat about healthy sleeping options.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Putting the Fun back in the Futon.

Having just returned from the IMM furniture show in Germany I'm pleased to see that the Europeans have not lost the 'fun' in futons. This lovely compact chair / bed the 'Buckle Up' converts quickly and easily from a comfy chair to a futon bed perfect for guests.

Sadly we can't get these in the UK yet as the fire regulations prevent furniture coming in from Europe.....I know, daft isn't it!!


Find out more by contacting us at Futons247

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Futon World new website now live for 2015

Futon World are pleased to say that our newly re-styled website is alive and kicking. Having been busy offering futons and futon mattress products online for over 10 years we are happy that our new site offers easy navigation for our customers to discover our range of products. Have a quick look today at

Monday, 15 December 2014

Futon Beds Delivered to London from Futons247

Here we are in December and we've been busy with our deliveries of futon beds and mattresses throughout the UK. Of course we must say 'Thank You' to the parcel carriers who deliver most of our sales but also to our own lovely Peugeot Van which has loyally trooped up and down the motorways and lanes delivering into London, Cheltenham and Nottingham, to name a few, over the last few weeks ensuring our customers are sound asleep on their new futon bed!

Visit us at

Friday, 28 November 2014

Low Level Oriental Style Beds - with or without a futon mattress - from Futons247

Here at Futons247 we've seen an increase in sales of our low level bed sets, we think these type of beds have increased in popularity as peoples home environments have changed over the last decade or so. Many of our customers now seem to live in apartments, some open plan, some with limited roof height and some with restricted access to the upper floors or mezzanines, all of these environments make a low level bed a great choice.

The low height of this type of bed frame gives an overall impression of less use of space, particularly beneficial when you have a low ceiling height or sloped roof. The fact that these bed frames come in a 'self assembly' form makes them easy to get into tight spaces, up tricky staircases and into lofts and attics without too many headaches. Of course, we suspect the main reason customers are buying these type of beds is Beds in our range such as the Dock, Japan and Osaka offer clean lines, minimal fuss and quality of timber and construction making them a thoughtful choice for an Oriental or minimal style room. We can also offer some of our bed frames with traditional Tatami Mats for the authentic Japanese look.

Anyway, feel free to visit our website at to view our range and discover more low level beds like the examples below.

Futons and Futon Mattress with delivery for Christmas.'s getting to that time of year when you may well need a new futon sofa bed for visiting guests or your existing futon mattress might be starting to embarrass you! If this is the case then you'll be pleased to know we can still offer pre-Christmas delivery on our comprehensive range of futon furniture.

Visit our website today and browse then feel free to call us to discuss your requirements and delivery arrangements.