Thursday, 11 July 2013

Does Your Sofa Bunk Need a New Futon Mattress?

Over the years I know many people have purchased Sofa Bunk sets and what a great idea they have been, we've sold some different models over the years including the original Jay-Be Sofa Bunk, many of which are still around today, in fact we've just given our old one at home away after 12 years of use and it was still going strong!

Anyway, as I'm sure you will know if you have a sofa bunk the futon mattress on the sofa can need replacing after a few years and, you'll be pleased to know, this is not a problem as, here at The Futon Shop, we have a selection of futon mattress types and sizes to suit Sofa Bunks of all types.

If you follow the link below you can view these on our website. If you are unsure what to look for the please give us a call from the number on our website. Before you call us can I suggest that you open the sofa into the bed position and measure the size of the bed (width and length) and also check if the sofa / bed base uses metal mesh / poles or wood 'arched' (or 'sprung') slats for the support. Once you've done that just give us a call!

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  1. these all looks very cool, i am looking for a bed like this and i don't have still have the mattress..hope that you could help me..