Friday, 12 June 2015

Cottonsafe - the natural, chemical free, sleeping revolution is growing at Futons247

I guess if you've found this blog entry then the subject of safe, comfortable sleeping is important to you? Well, here at Futons247 we have been watching the popularity of our CottonSafe natural, chemical free, bed mattresses growing each month.

Our CottonSafe futon bed mattresses pass the UK fire regulations by making use of naturally fire retardant materials, a fabric weave of organic cotton with wool quilted onto a natural lambswool layer meaning no need for any of the standard bedding industry chemical back coating treatment.

Due to its hygroscopic nature the wool element of the fabric increases the ability for it to breath allowing good ventilation. This keeps the cover fiber warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The increased ventilation also reduces the growth of bacteria naturally keeping your mattress hygenic.
The anti-static and dust free properties of this combination of natural materials also help increase its hypoallergenic properties allowing for a natural night’s sleep.
If, like us, you are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of what we are surrounding ourselves with in our homes then have a look at CottonSafe products on our website.