Friday, 27 June 2008

Futons as an everyday bed?

One of the most common questions I get asked is; "Can I use a futon as a bed everyday?". Well, I guess the answer needs some explaining........
As is so often the case this depends on the type of futon that you are intending to purchase, in particular what combination of base and futon mattress you are looking at.
Firstly....the futon mattress. If you are intending to use your futon as a bed and a sofa then you need to get a combination of comfort for sitting / sleeping, flexibility for folding into a seat and rigidity to ensure the futon mattress holds itself up when in a seat position. With this in mind I would always look for a futon mattress with a good quality 'core', such as foam or rebound polyester. The core should then be surrounded by layers of woolfelt and cotton. Generally an 8-layer futon mattress, weighing upwards of 20kg would make a good purchase whilst providing a firm, but supportive, sleep. These types of futon mattresses are available from all the independant shops who are Futon Blog members, as well as other outlets on the web.
If you don't need to fold your futon mattress, as it will remain flat on a bed frame, then you could also look at traditional 8-layer cotton / felt futons and the new 'FutoLatex' which contains a mix of cotton and 'cotton-rich' felt around a core of Natural Latex. These type of futon mattresses provide a slightly softer and supportive sleep, making perfect futon mattresses for an everyday bed. Generally these type of futons are only available from specialist stores.
Secondly...consider the type of base you require. In my experience the best bases for a permenant bed, if you are intending to leave your futon in a 'bed' position, are good quality pine bases, such as the Auckland or Osumi. They are simple, robust and will stand the test of time very well, we frequently replace futon mattresses for people who have had their bases for upwards of 10 years! If you want to move your futon from a bed to a sofa then go for a 3-seater style base, they are easy to convert. One or two retailers even stock 3 seater bases that use a 'sprung' beech-slat system for the seating / sleeping platform, providing extra comfort for regular use.
Anyway I could go on post any questions you may have. Bye for now.....

Follow this link to Futon World for a great selection of good quality Futon Beds and everyday use Futon Mattresses:
Futon Beds for Everyday Use

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Pine 'A' Frame Futons

There are many different types of Pine futon frames on the market. Here at 'The Futon Blog' our message is.......check the quality!!
A pine futon frame should be strong and designed to last many years, most of our members would look for quality aspects in their frames such as the dimensions of the timber used. Slats should be around 7.5cm+ wide and 1.5cm+ thick and made from a good quality pine such as redwood pines. The underails (this is the part that supports the frame) should be of a similar dimension or look for thicker underails if the base is for everyday use as a bed.
The other factor to consider is how the futon base sits when open as a bed. Many 'A' frames are designed with small front 'feet' in order to provide a comfortable sitting angle when the frame is in a seat position, however when opened as a bed this means that one end of the frame will be slightly raised, not really a problem for visiting guests, but worth considering if it's your main bed. The serious futon user should check out bases featuring integral feet on all the underails (such as Futon World's Acer or Osumi). This ensures that when the base is open in a bed position it forms a slightly raised, level, sleeping area, perfect for everyday bed use.
If you need any further advice on selecting a frame post you questions or comments here, and we will offer advice.

Friday, 20 June 2008

New FutoLatex Mattress

New to Futon World is the FutoLatex mattress........
This a new mattress to us and we believe it will become a firm favourite. Well made with a good quality interior, this a mattress which many will aspire to. Our FutoLatex Mattress is beautifully manufactured using our cotton-rich fillings, cotton wadding and a central core of natural latex foam providing a comfortable, durable and supportive futon mattress for use on a futon base or 'slatted' bed base, providing a regular use futon mattress
Natural Latex is farmed from Rubber Trees (Havea Brasilliensis). The liquid latex is converted into foam latex by introducing air and heat creating a foam structure ventilated by airholes. Latex is naturally supportive and performs well in regaining its form and shape, it is also hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, dust mite resistant and breathable, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Does anyone else have experience of using Natural Latex Futon Mattresses...please share your experience with us...