Saturday, 26 December 2009

Futon Sale 10% Discount!!

Festive Greetings to our customers, friends and family! We have to say a big 'Thank You' to everyone who helped us out with deliveries and order fulfilment during December, our busiest month to date, despite the adverse weather conditions.
Anyway, enough waffle, and back to the main point here. The Futon Shop are having a futon sale, just a 'bite size' one, from Saturday 26th December to Sunday 3rd January. We are offering a genuine 10% off all our Futon Sofabeds and Futon Mattresses, so grab a genuine, no bull bargain and take advantage of our range of quality futon products at the most competitive prices on the web. Just follow the link below:

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Team Velocity get ready to take off!!

What have Team Velocity got in comon with futons you may ask? Well, in fact, nothing! However these young, year 9, engineers at Devonport High School, just around the corner from our premesis, are designing a Co2 powered car to enter into an international competition!
Its tough going as the entry from last year beat the rest of the World (yes, really!) so these lads have their work cut out. Anyway, if anyone can offer any design advice or marketing ideas to attract sponsership then check out thier website and feel free to leave your comments. For details, follow the link below.......

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Traditional Futon Mattresses.

Here at the Futon Shop we have recently been asked, severel times, for traditional futon mattresses. That is, futon mattresses filled with a simple combination of cotton to the top and bottom of the mattress and a filling of woolfelt inbetween; i.e. no polyester or foam. Many customers have commented that they have slept on this type of futon mattress for years and have been having trouble sourcing a replacement, as most futon mattresses now feature polyester or foam as a 'core'. Well, the polyester / foam 'cores' were developed to give more 'rebound' to the futon mattress, particularly when used on a futon frame for sitting as the 'cores' helped to keep the futon mattress upright on the frame, i.e. it prevented the futon mattress from 'sagging' on the frame, a welcome addition I'm sure you'll agree. Anyway when the mattress is being used purely on a bed frame then we agree that a traditional mix of cotton and woolfelt provides a 'firm but supportive' feel for those customers seeking a traditional style futon mattress, and we have therefore decided to offer this product on our website at just follow the link below to the product page.

Monday, 19 October 2009

New Oriental Screens are Here

The latest editions to our Oriental Screen collection have arrived; The Fuji and Akita. The Fuji is available with a black finish timber co-ordinated with Shoji paper, whilst the Akita is in a cherry finish with flat bamboo slatting. For the full range of these excellent products log onto the following page on our website:

Futons and Yurt Holidays

Over the last couple of years, here at The Futon Shop, we have supplied futon sofabeds to a couple of 'Yurt' campsites. What, you may be asking, are Yurts? Well I pinched this explanation from the website of one of the lovely people we supplied:

Yurts originate from Mongolia and are traditionally lived in by nomadic tribes. They are strong, aesthetically beautiful constructions that feel both spacious and harmonious to be in. The structure consists of a hand-crafted frame which is steam bent to create the curved form of the roof, and shaped into a trellis for the walls. The frame is covered with a strong canvas and there is a clear circular portal in the middle of the roof, two windows, a wooden floor and door.

We have stayed in the Yurts at down on the Lizard peninsula and must say that they make a great relaxing way to spend a break with the family. We also supplied futons to which looks like a beautiful place in Wales, which we've yet to visit. Of course if you visit either of the Yurt people you'll be sleeping on Eco and Auckland futons from Go on, give Yurting a'll love it.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Futon Shop goes on holiday!!!...yippiee

Hi all. Peter at the Futon Shop here. It's been a while since my last posting as we've been on holiday in sunny France. Yes, it's been very, very sunny, not like's raining today. Anyway, we've remained busy during the holiday period as our customers look for futon sofabeds for thier arriving holiday guests. We've some great offers on at present, not least on our Trinity Futons, just follow the link below. Oh, and here's a nice picture from our holiday, what a view.....there's always next year I suppose.......

Friday, 26 June 2009

Pangkor Futons - they keep selling!

The Pangkor Futon, from Cambridge Futons, just keeps selling. It has been one of the most popular futon sofabeds I have encountered, I guess that its down to the ease of opening and closing and the storage drawer, coupled with the comfort. Anyway, whatever the reasons, you can check it out at or follow the link at the foot of this posting to go straight to the Pangkor. On the subject of Pangkor Futons we've just got a new one at the Futon Shop for showroom display. We're moving showroom in a couple of weeks so the Pangkor Futon will be set-up in the 'new place'. We'll put a post on to let you know.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Futons for Camping on Devons Beautiful Coast.

Lucky, lucky we are camping on Devons beautiful coast, at Bigbury-on-Sea, last weekend. I know it looks a bit foggy, but when it cleared we had great sunshine and a couple of fun days at the beach with a bar-b-q and campfire in the evening as two of our party had birthdays to celebrate. Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know that we've been selling lots of our Stroma bed rolls to campers throughout the land who seem to be finding them great for music festivals and camping trips. You can check out all our range of futon mattress products by following the link below, or go to our homepage at

Friday, 5 June 2009

The Shogun Futon Bed is here.....

At last its Friday afternoon, and to round off the week I'm just entering the new Shogun bed onto our website, at, having spent Wednesday morning getting it photographed. We are all 'chuffed' with this new product, as the Shogun bed combines a strong, practical bed frame with smart oriental minimal styling. We are offering the Shogun either combined with one of our futon mattresses, or simply as the frame on its own, the choice is yours so click through for a quick nose!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Bamboo Furniture reduces CO2 Gases....

Our new range of bamboo furniture will be here in around 6 weeks, and, wow, are we excited about this! At last we've sourced a range of products, manufactured in timbers, which are actually eco-friendly. Bamboo, in case you aren't aware, absorbs large quantities of CO2, generating some 35% more Oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees, and, of course, can be harvested annually without the need for replanting. Combine this with low soil erosion due to its widespread root system and its lovely warm appearence and we think you'll be pleased with the results. The picture shows a couple of items from the range, all designed to complement our existing range of futons and futon sofabeds. The products are not on show on our website at yet, so keep looking at the blog for an update.

The Barcelona is coming.......

The exciting new Barcelona convertable is coming soon (just 2 to 3 weeks). The Barcelona is a new concept in sitting and sleeping, ticking all the boxes! Using a simple ratchet mechanism the Barcelona can convert from a cosy two person seat to a compact double bed, via a comfortable recliner position, in seconds.

For full details of this funky new concept visit now!

Friday, 20 March 2009

Wow, what a week.......

Yeah, here we are on Friday night, and we are all pooped! Over the last week we (The Futon Shop, that is!) have moved to larger premises at 26 Mary Seacole Road, (literally) just round the corner from our old unit. This involved much huffing and puffing as we lugged all our stock, desks, computers, packaging stuff and, of course, teabags from unit 29 to unit 26. Still we are now fully settled into our new place.

The objective of the move is to give us more space to improve our volume and variety of stock of futons, futon mattresses and sofabeds, ensuring that we can offer rapid delivery on a big selection of products to keep our customers smiling!

Anyone who has never visited us here at Mary Seacole Road may be interested to know that we are located at the old Royal Naval Hospital, here in Plymouth, in a modern unit within the old hospital grounds. The units were constructed to provide facilities for local businesses, so it's a great environment of small to medium local based companies and individuals all working in a local community. The old hospital grounds also contain the original hospital buildings which are a combination of commercial and residential use, many are great pieces of local Naval architecture.

Anyway, enough rabbiting on, as I said it's Friday night, so time to grab a beer and relax.........aaaaahhhhhh....

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Roll up....Roll up....Roll up!!

Roll up and check out the Monk Futon Mattress, available from our Futon World website at

The Monk is perfect if you're looking for a futon that can be easily 'rolled-up' and moved from room to room, stored or even carried around in your camper van or car....perfect for surfing and camping trips now the spring and summer are heading our way. Forget the 'credit-crunch', pack up your friends and family and head for the coast!

The Monk is filled with a combination of cotton and woolfelt, providing a firm, but supportive, sleep and is easily rolled up and secured with two 'velcro' fastening straps, making it easy to transport. The 137cm / 4ft6ins Monk is priced at £125, plus £15 carriage, and is usually available for rapid delivery from stock.

Also available from many of the blog members is the 'Stroma' overnight sleeper. A favourite choice for kids sleepovers. The Stroma is available in a choice of bright fabrics, unrolling into a 70cm x 190cm mattress which then tidies away into a neat 'duffle-bag' for easy transport and storage. Check them out at

Friday, 6 February 2009

Homeless Futons part 2......

I have a similar metal base which has been in constant use for 15 years.The sad model in the picture is an example of a later edition, save money at all costs,dumbed down version, which in the long run and even the short run is a total waste of time and money. (see my previous blog comment about buying inferior futons,decision based on price alone.Remember, ask quiestions before you buy, shop with a specialst futon company and try toavoid the large chain companys and a certain large grocery co, who are good for food, but not futons. Howard (Futons Direct)

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Goodnight Moon Futon in the U.S.

We have recently been in communication with a family run Futon business in the U.S. who you may wish to check out.

Don't make your futon homeless......

Yes these credit crunch times don't make your futon homeless like our poor friend in the picture. Many of our Blog members offer replacement futon mattresses and new futon mattress covers which will give a new look to your trusty old futon sofabed.

Most futon frames will outlast the mattress and give many, many years of service, so before heading off to the local tip, check out the cost of a new futon mattress or cover. Follow the link below:

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Futons & The Credit Crunch.

These comments were added to one of my postings by Howard at, a pal of ours here at the Futon Shop. I thought the comments were worthy of thier own posting so here goes.......
I'm also a futon retailer and have been shocked at the fall of the value of the pound. I have decided despite the temptation, that it isn't worth cutting the quality of the products we sell. I would hope that the buying public thinks likewise and resist buying the junk that is beginning to appear on the internet. One way to look at it, is that if you buy a decent product you will still have it long after the credit crunch is over,but if you buy an unsuitable, thin futon it might need replacing as soon as a month after purchase.

Howard @