Friday, 27 January 2012

Ups and Downs of a Futon Mattress....

This is a subject I seem to always be talking about....futon mattresses for everyday sleeping. Well over the last year or so I've really noticed an increase in the number of people buying a futon to sleep on everynight, you can see from our previous posts that we have discussed this point before! Just to keep you up to date I would say that our most popular everyday sleepers are the Traditional 8-layer futon and the Pocket Futoflex.
As a 'rough guide' choose the Traditional 8-layer if you want that 'firm but supportive' feel that a lambswool / woolfelt traditional futon provides, where you create what I call your 'people-shaped pit' to give great support all over your body. If, however, you would prefer a softer, but still supportive, sleep than the Pocket FutoFlex features a central layer of micro-pocket springs enclosed in layers of lambswool / woolfelt giving a feel that is halfway between a futon and a conventional spring mattress; great if you're new to futon sleeping!
Anyway, whatever your requirements please feel free to contact us through our website and we can help find the correct futon mattress for you, follow the link below: