Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Futon Expert...a great new blog to check out.

I know many of you bloggers like to check out some alternative sources of information so here's one to look at; The Futon Expert. The guy who writes here has been involved in futons for longer than anyone I know, he's been on the futon scene since it first came to the UK so his thoughts and comments are educated and informative. Check it out by following the link below:

Natural Futon Mattress...here at last..

To say I'm 'chuffed' would be an understatement....we've been looking at the ways to produce a completely natural futon mattress for some time now and have finally found the combination of raw materials to suit; it's taken some time and the result is not cheap but, in our opinion, if you're looking for a natural bed mattress, this will tick the boxes.
The Natural Futon Mattress uses a special covering fabric that is entirely natural being a weave of Hemp and Wool, then the fillings use a wool and cotton mix and natural coir bonded with latex; nothing added, simple as that! The quality, and make-up, of these materials ensures that the mattress conforms to UK fire regulations without the need for additives which has to be a great step forward. Of course, as previously mentioned, purchasing raw materials of this nature does not come cheap and this is reflected in the price, however, we are confident that the Natural Futon is competetive with alternative natural mattresses available in the UK.
For a full specification just follow the link below to the Futon Shop.