Thursday, 17 January 2013

King Size Futon Mattress for sleeping comfort..

We know from our chats on the telephone with you that finding a King Size Futon Mattress can be a difficult job, but we have a variety of futon mattresses available in the standard UK king size of 150cm wide by 200cm long with a choice of futon fillings.
Our best sellers include the Traditional 8 Layer Futon Mattress with its lambswool and woolfelt fillings providing a firm but supportive feel and the Pocket FutoFlex Futon Mattress which uses a pocket spring unit within a lambswool and woolfelt futon mattress to create a supportive, but softer feel, futon mattress.
Over the years we have delivered many of both these futon types and have generally had good positive feedback from our customers.
If you would like any further information please feel free to call us or mail us via our websites or using the text links in the above information.

Futon Mattress choice from The Futon Shop Ltd


  1. Futon mattress comfort for sleep and easier to roll up and move. It is easier to vacuum around a futon on the floor rather than a bed frame you have to try and maneuver around.
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  2. Your innovative furniture has blessing effects on one's daily life.Buy single or double mattress