Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Replacement Futon Mattress? A good choice at Futons247

I guess if your reading this your maybe looking for a new Futon Mattress to replace your existing one? Well buying a futon mattress can be confusing so here at The Futon Shop we've got a good selection and we're quite happy to chat to you on the phone to discuss your requirements.
Basically the first step is to decide what type of futon mattress you need and I would suggest dividing this into three main areas:

1) Futon Mattresses for bed use - if your intention is to use your futon mattress for everyday sleeping use on a bed frame, tatami matting or on the floor then you need to choose a futon mattress designed specifically for this purpose such as our Traditional 8 Layer Futon Mattress for a firm but supportive feel or our Pocket FutoFlex Futon Mattress for a softer supportive feel.

2) Futon Mattresses for 3 seat futon sofa beds - often referred to as a Bi-Fold Futon Mattress these type of futon mattresses are designed to simply fold along the length to allow them to fit three seat style (or 'bench' style) futon frames in wood or metal. The rule here is to consider how frequently you use the futon, if it's regular use I'd recommend making a choice of a futon mattress with a high density foam core.

3) Futon Mattresses for 2 seat futon sofa beds - such as the traditional pine 'A' frame futons, the classic style we all know and 2 seat style hardwood and metal futon sofa beds. These type of futon mattresses can also be referred to as Tri Fold Futon Mattresses and are designed to be a combination of comfort and flexibility to allow them to fold in the 'semi-S' shape to fit correctly on the futon frame.

Information on all of these futon mattress types can be found at our website or please feel free to call us on 01752 662030.


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