Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Futon Mattress Fillings....an insight from Cambridge Futons

What exactly goes into your futon mattress, do you really know? There are many different was of filling a futon from the comfort of lambswools to the flexibility of springs to the plain useless of crumb foam.
If you take the time to watch this posting from our friends at Cambridge Futons you can get some 'inside knowledge' on what you should be looking for inside your futon mattresses.
Of course, whilst the video provides some useful information, your own requirements will vary depending on weather you're futon is to be used as a sofa bed or futon bed and your own personal comfort requirements, so if you've any questions please feel free to contact us here at The Futon Shop.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Jay-Be Royal Pocket Sprung Folding Guest Bed - Not Really a Futon...but....

I know we are really only interested in futons and the futon industry in general but, here at The Futon Shop, we like to offer our customers a range of products suitable for visiting guests and one of our favorites is the Royal Pocket Sprung folding guest bed manufactured by British company Jay-Be up in Yorkshire.

We've been retailing Jay-Be folding guest beds for many years now and have always found the quality to be excellent with strong frames, comfy 'sprung-slat' support on the sleeping platform and, as the name suggests, a pocket sprung mattress to ensure comfort for your guests.
All Jay-Be beds come with a five year frame guarantee which shows confidence in this UK manufactured product. View the video to see how it works...

Monday, 13 May 2013

Sleep finding ways to get more

Why a bedroom should not be just another family room. Sleep finding ways to get more or enough of it is a broad subject and here's the first in a series of posts that may help.

Most people enjoy a good night’s sleep. There is little doubt “a good kip” is a necessity for putting the anxieties of the day behind you and setting up the body for the events of the following day.

An essential element in getting “proper rest” is the state of your bedroom. The reason society has developed a separate place to sleep is that it’s a unique environment; try not to have too much clutter.

Your bedroom should have curtains or blinds that shut out light completely so morning sun doesn’t wake you too early, something that can easily disturb your sleep particularly in summer months. Good quality curtains help keep noise levels from traffic and disturbances in the street down to a minimum.

Extremes of temperature affect sound sleep so err on the side of coolness if you use central heating. Also, try to find natural bedding, all cotton or silk sheets together with a decent duvet will help peaceful rest. If it’s too warm in your bed, make changes.

When getting ready to sleep a radio is a better option that the stimulating effect of television. If at all possible a computer should be used in a room other than the bedroom. Of all aids to sleep, reading is probably the best.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A Traditional Futon Mattress.

These days we seem to have every type of filling for a futon mattress, you name it we've got it; woolfelts, cottons, lambswools, foam, springs...the lot!
Despite all the various options providing different levels of comfort and support it seems some of our customers are looking for a pure and simple traditional futon mattress to provide a firm but supportive sleep. To us a traditional futon is usually being used, laid flat, on a bed frame for everyday sleeping, as opposed to a futon mattress used for a futon sofa bed where the mattress is required to fold. If this is the case we would manufacture the futon mattress using, simply, lambswool and woolfelt layers, the lambswool as the top and bottom layer of the futon and six layers of woolfelt inbetween with an option to substitute the woolfelt futon fillings for a cotton rich filling for a softer / springier feel. This type of traditional futon mattress, although starting its life with a medium feel, will compress down in the traditional way to provide a firm but supportive sleep that has become the preference of the experienced futon bed user.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Spring clean your futon sofa bed with a new futon mattress..

I know whats going on behind closed doors!!! Yes, you're all 'at it'...spring cleaning that is! 
This is the time of year when, at last, the sun shines through our windows making us want to smarten up our homes and getting us thinking that the old futon mattress is looking a bit tired!

Of course what's really needed here is a lovely new futon and buying one can be a bit of a nightmare with so many different choices and options available so we've published a new page on our website called Buying A Futon Mattress which will help guide you through the process of making your choice. 

Whatever your requirements from a traditional futon mattress for everyday sleeping to a bi fold futon mattress to use on a three seat futon sofa bed we will be happy to offer advice to ensure you make the correct choice. Please feel free to feedback to us what you think of our online help pages.