Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A Traditional Futon Mattress.

These days we seem to have every type of filling for a futon mattress, you name it we've got it; woolfelts, cottons, lambswools, foam, springs...the lot!
Despite all the various options providing different levels of comfort and support it seems some of our customers are looking for a pure and simple traditional futon mattress to provide a firm but supportive sleep. To us a traditional futon is usually being used, laid flat, on a bed frame for everyday sleeping, as opposed to a futon mattress used for a futon sofa bed where the mattress is required to fold. If this is the case we would manufacture the futon mattress using, simply, lambswool and woolfelt layers, the lambswool as the top and bottom layer of the futon and six layers of woolfelt inbetween with an option to substitute the woolfelt futon fillings for a cotton rich filling for a softer / springier feel. This type of traditional futon mattress, although starting its life with a medium feel, will compress down in the traditional way to provide a firm but supportive sleep that has become the preference of the experienced futon bed user.

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  1. i am looking for a better mattress that would make me comfortable when i sleep..even if don't cost that much as long it has a good quality..