Monday, 15 December 2014

Futon Beds Delivered to London from Futons247

Here we are in December and we've been busy with our deliveries of futon beds and mattresses throughout the UK. Of course we must say 'Thank You' to the parcel carriers who deliver most of our sales but also to our own lovely Peugeot Van which has loyally trooped up and down the motorways and lanes delivering into London, Cheltenham and Nottingham, to name a few, over the last few weeks ensuring our customers are sound asleep on their new futon bed!

Visit us at

Friday, 28 November 2014

Low Level Oriental Style Beds - with or without a futon mattress - from Futons247

Here at Futons247 we've seen an increase in sales of our low level bed sets, we think these type of beds have increased in popularity as peoples home environments have changed over the last decade or so. Many of our customers now seem to live in apartments, some open plan, some with limited roof height and some with restricted access to the upper floors or mezzanines, all of these environments make a low level bed a great choice.

The low height of this type of bed frame gives an overall impression of less use of space, particularly beneficial when you have a low ceiling height or sloped roof. The fact that these bed frames come in a 'self assembly' form makes them easy to get into tight spaces, up tricky staircases and into lofts and attics without too many headaches. Of course, we suspect the main reason customers are buying these type of beds is Beds in our range such as the Dock, Japan and Osaka offer clean lines, minimal fuss and quality of timber and construction making them a thoughtful choice for an Oriental or minimal style room. We can also offer some of our bed frames with traditional Tatami Mats for the authentic Japanese look.

Anyway, feel free to visit our website at to view our range and discover more low level beds like the examples below.

Futons and Futon Mattress with delivery for Christmas.'s getting to that time of year when you may well need a new futon sofa bed for visiting guests or your existing futon mattress might be starting to embarrass you! If this is the case then you'll be pleased to know we can still offer pre-Christmas delivery on our comprehensive range of futon furniture.

Visit our website today and browse then feel free to call us to discuss your requirements and delivery arrangements.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Innovation Cubed 140 Sofa Bed from Futons247

If you're reading this post I guess you're considering purchasing a Cubed 140 sofa bed by Innovation the Denmark based designers and manufacturers of lovely quality, contemporary styled, everyday use sofa beds?
Well, here at Futons247 this is a sofa bed we often keep available from stock at a competitive price so if we can offer any advice or assistance in making your choice please feel free to read the full details on our website, just follow the link below.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

CottonSafe Chemical Free Futon Mattress at Futons247

The long awaited CottonSafe fabric is now available from us here at The Futon Shop. This excellent new fabric is a weave of Organic Cotton and Wool which is then quilted onto a Pure Lambswool giving it inherent natural fire retardant properties without the need for any Chemical Treatment.......yes, thats right, NO Chemical Treatment, giving you a safe and comfortable sleeping environment.

The CottonSafe fabric is available only on our bed use futon mattress products and we can offer a choice of fillings, again using lambswools, woolfelts and cotton rich fillings along with an option for pocket springs to 'soften' things up if you wish.

Visit our Natural Futon Mattress Choice on our website for further details.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Pure Choice Chemical Free Mattress at Futons247

Well, here at Futons247 we are so excited about our new range of Chemical Free bed mattresses. After a long search we can now offer a true chemical free choice of sleeping mattresses with a choice of fillings and firmness.
All these mattresses conform to the UK Fire Regulations and are appropriately tested as such but achieve this by use of naturally fire retardant materials to prevent the necessity to treat with chemicals used on standard bedding industry mattresses.
All sound interesting? Drop by our website and find out full details.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Welcome to Futons247, our introduction video...

Our new short clip video is now available on You Tube or, of course, you can check it out here...hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Pangkor Futon Sofa Bed - a handy choice for tight spots like your loft!

Most peoples spare or guest room tends to be a bit on the 'tight squeeze' side and nowhere is space more important than a loft conversion. After all once your lovely new loft is ready to occupy you don't really want it getting cluttered with bulky furniture.

Anyway, we recently delivered and installed a Pangkor Futon to a local customer and couldn't resist sharing this 'snap' showing how it has fitted into a restricted roof space without overpowering the room.
Our customer selected the Pangkor as it arrives flat-pack so can get up the stairs no problem and it opens and closes from the front so an ideal choice when space is limited.

For a closer look head follow the link to The Pangkor Futon Sofa Bed from Futons247

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Futon and Sofa Bed deliveries to Exeter and throughout Devon.

Living in Exeter and need a new sofa bed or a futon mattress for your existing sofa bed? Well you don't have to travel far to find one! Here at The Futon Shop in Plymouth we are neatly positioned right in the middle of Devon and Cornwall and have years of experience in providing futons, sofa beds, oriental screens and tatami beds throughout the two counties.

We have a fully comprehensive range of products from contemporary to traditional styles and futon mattresses from medium soft to very firm so whatever your requirements for use; spare room or main living / sleeping are, we may well be able to help you out.

Follow the link below to our website for details of our products:

Futons247 for Devon and Cornwall

Monday, 23 June 2014

Innovation Living Sofa Beds - you've got to love them!

Well after a year or so of 'to-ing and fro-ing' we're finally getting our act together here at The Futon Shop by adding the range of lovely sofa beds from Innovation Living, of Denmark, to our website. We've always been fans of the neat and clean modern lines of their products and, of course, their pocket sprung comfort making them a great choice as an everyday sit and sleep item of furniture.

We realise that these products are not particularly cheap but we're sure you would agree that the quality and attention to comfort and ease of use make them excellent value for your money. So why not follow the link below to our website and have a browse then call us if there are any questions you would like answered. Buying a sofa bed can be complex so please feel free to contact us if you are confused!!

Innovation Living Sofabeds at

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Chemical Free Bed Mattress - now we have it!

At last there is an option to the seemingly pointless UK furnishing regulations that demand that we all sleep on fabric that is back-coated with chemicals just on the 'off chance' that we should fall asleep whilst smoking! A bit of a throwback to the seventies I would say! there is an alternative in the new Clear Choice pocket sprung bed mattress that has been developed by Cambridge Futons down here in Devon which combines a special mix of pocket springing, wool, pure lambswool and an alternative polyester fabric covering to ensure that UK fire regulations are met without the need for chemical back coating thus giving you a 'Clear Choice' of what you are breathing in as you sleep.

Follow this link to our website for more details: Clear Choice Chemical Free Bed Mattress.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Visit our Futon showroom in Plymouth serving Devon and Cornwall.

If you live in Devon or Cornwall, in fact wherever you are, you are always welcome to view our selection of futon beds, sofa beds and mattresses at our showroom down here in Plymouth. 
We usually have a small but informative selection of products on display and will be happy to discuss your requirements with you, if you are travelling from a distance please feel free to call us to see what models we currently have on display.

As we are mainly a mail order business these days our showroom is is just open from 10:00 am in the morning until 3:00 pm from Monday to Friday and 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm on Saturday afternoons. Of course if this is not convenient for you please call us as we're sure to be able to accommodate you.

Please link to our website at for full details.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Futon Mattress Protector - The Morpheus in Cotton

We've been selling these great little mattress protectors for years now and, having used one at home, must say they are an excellent addition to use with your futon mattress.
The Morpheus Mattress Protector is manufactured with pure cotton fabrics and filled with a quilted cotton fiber inner, i.e. everything is cotton! The benefit of this is that you can wash the mattress protector at a high temperature thus killing off all the nasty bugs that like to make their home where you sleep which is useful if you have any issue with bed bugs or house dust mites. We also like the mattress protector because it gives you a natural sleeping surface free of man made additives, all in all a good choice to help with healthy sleeping. The Morpheus is available in a choice of sizes from our website, follow the link below:

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Tatami Mats for Floor and Bed Use from Futons247

As part of our expanding range of products here at Futons247 we now have available from stock authentic Tatami Mats for use either in conjunction with our new Dock Bed or by themselves as flooring mats or bed mats in conjunction with our futon mattress products. These lovely new Tatami Mats can be delivered throughout the UK, for full details please visit our website link below:

Looking for a Low Bed?

Here at Futons247 we have a range of low beds that are suitable for confined spaces such as attic and loft rooms or simply if you want to create a contemporary look to your sleeping area. The latest model to arrive is the new Dock Bed which is manufactured in quality Scandinavian FSC certified pine finished in a dark chocolate, or Wenge, colour and features rice straw Tatami mats. Follow the link through to our website for full details:

Friday, 17 January 2014

Recycled Furniture Idea?

During our trip to the IMM Furniture Exhibition in Koln, Germany, we couldn't help but love these funky chairs made from old pallets and futon-style cushions. Our eyes are now peeled for some old pallets to give this a go ourselves.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Roll Up Futon for Camper Van.

A BIG thank you to our lovely customers in France who took the time to send these pic's showing how they have utilised one of our Monk Futon Bed Rolls in their camper van, even the dog approves!
The Monk Futons are perfect for all sorts of uses and we've seen them used in Campers, Yurts, Tents and, of course, for bunging in the back of your car and kipping on a friends floor!
For more details check them out on our website at - you'll also find some informative customer reviews for a useful second opinion!