Thursday, 27 March 2014

Futon Mattress Protector - The Morpheus in Cotton

We've been selling these great little mattress protectors for years now and, having used one at home, must say they are an excellent addition to use with your futon mattress.
The Morpheus Mattress Protector is manufactured with pure cotton fabrics and filled with a quilted cotton fiber inner, i.e. everything is cotton! The benefit of this is that you can wash the mattress protector at a high temperature thus killing off all the nasty bugs that like to make their home where you sleep which is useful if you have any issue with bed bugs or house dust mites. We also like the mattress protector because it gives you a natural sleeping surface free of man made additives, all in all a good choice to help with healthy sleeping. The Morpheus is available in a choice of sizes from our website, follow the link below:

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