Monday, 29 February 2016

Replacement futon mattress for all uses from Futon World

A large part of our business here at Futon World is the replacement of customers old futons with a nice comfy new futon mattress and we are happy to offer a great selection which, we hope, covers most aspects of our customers requirements.
Often customers are looking for a futon to replace the worn out one on their sofa bed frame, this can be a 'tri-fold' futon mattress, designed to fit neatly on single size or two seater wood and metal framed sofa beds or a 'bi-fold' futon mattress, designed to fit on the three seat, or 'bench' style, futon sofa bed bases, again wood or metal.
In addition to replacement sofa bed futon mattresses we offer a range that are specifically aimed at everyday bed use, such as our Traditional 8 Layer Futon Mattress which, as the name suggests, uses a tried and tested lambswool and woolfelt filling in a traditional way to create a firm but supportive futon feel. We also have everyday futon mattresses using Natural Latex, Coir Matting and Pocket Spring filling selections, as choosing a futon mattress can be a complex business we would recommend that you contact us through our website for a chat to discuss your requirements, just follow the link below:

Thursday, 25 February 2016

New Tibetan Fabrics range for our futons and mattresses.

The lovely new range of fabrics, called the 'Tibetan' range is now available at Futons247 on our choice of futon sofa beds and mattresses.
The Tibetan range is soft to touch with a textured weave and is both tough and durable. Available in a range of soft natural tones, follow the link below to our website:


Wednesday, 24 February 2016

A Futon Mattress as an everyday bed? This could be the natural choice from Futons247

we've noticed over time that our blog postings on the suitability of a futon mattress as an everyday use bed are the most frequently read postings, this seems to be inline with the increase in customers purchasing a futon mattress for that exact use.

I guess people often tend to think of the futon as being a simple guest bed for the spare room or a traditional, Japanese style, roll up bed mattress which, of course, they can be, but additionally there are many different types of futon mattress for all uses.

It is the case that mattress comfort can be a matter of personal taste and we often find that one customers definition of comfort is another customers dis-comfort and for that reason we would always suggest that, unless you know your specific requirements in a futon mattress, you should take a few minutes to have a chat with us here at the Futon Shop. We use a variety of filling types for our futon mattresses including traditional woolfelts, lambs wool layers, 'bouncy' polyesters, tough and firm Cocoloc (coir matting), natural latex and even mini pocket spring cages all of which can be combined into the mattress in a way to suit the requirements of our customers and we are always happy to discuss the options with you.

If you have a spare five minutes why not follow the link to read about our Traditional 8 Layer Futon Mattress or our full range of Futon Mattress Products and, the subject of increased discussion with our customers, the availability of mattresses that are free from fire retardant chemicals, the Cottonsafe Chemical Free Futon Mattress Choice. Whatever your futon mattress requirements are we have many years of experience in helping our customers find the correct futon for their purpose so please feel free to contact us any time for assistance.