Monday, 29 February 2016

Replacement futon mattress for all uses from Futon World

A large part of our business here at Futon World is the replacement of customers old futons with a nice comfy new futon mattress and we are happy to offer a great selection which, we hope, covers most aspects of our customers requirements.
Often customers are looking for a futon to replace the worn out one on their sofa bed frame, this can be a 'tri-fold' futon mattress, designed to fit neatly on single size or two seater wood and metal framed sofa beds or a 'bi-fold' futon mattress, designed to fit on the three seat, or 'bench' style, futon sofa bed bases, again wood or metal.
In addition to replacement sofa bed futon mattresses we offer a range that are specifically aimed at everyday bed use, such as our Traditional 8 Layer Futon Mattress which, as the name suggests, uses a tried and tested lambswool and woolfelt filling in a traditional way to create a firm but supportive futon feel. We also have everyday futon mattresses using Natural Latex, Coir Matting and Pocket Spring filling selections, as choosing a futon mattress can be a complex business we would recommend that you contact us through our website for a chat to discuss your requirements, just follow the link below:

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